Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Asher-Perrin, Emily (2018-12-17), Star Wars is Really a Cautionary Tale About Devoting All Technological Advancements to Death, tor.com, Retrieved on 2019-03-02
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    02 MAR 2019

     Star Wars as a Nonsensical Failed State

    Most technologies in the Star Wars universe that don’t have some capability of being used in war… well, they kinda just suck. There are so many areas where it seems like average Star Wars tech should outdo itself given how advanced the military-grade technology is, but in practice it doesn’t appear to make much difference at all. Repair droids who aren’t astromechs—like the pit droid crews used in podracing—have nowhere near the sophistication of their battle-ready cousins. Commu...
    Folksonomies: critical theory
    Folksonomies: critical theory
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