Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Yong, Ed (01/12/2018), Brain Cells Share Information Using a Gene that Came From Viruses, Retrieved on 2018-01-12
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    12 JAN 2018

     Neurons Use Viruses to Share Information and Learn

    When genes are activated, the instructions encoded within their DNA are first transcribed into a related molecule called RNA. Shepherd’s colleague Elissa Pastuzyn showed that the Arc shells can enclose RNA and move it from one neuron to another. And that’s basically what retroviruses do—they use protein shells to protect their own RNA as it moves between cells in a host. So our neurons use a repurposed viral gene to transmit genetic information between each other in an oddly virus-like...
    Folksonomies: dna neurons virus microbiology
    Folksonomies: dna neurons virus microbiology
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