Periodicals>Newspaper Article:  Keillor, Garrison (December 13, 2016), What will be Trump’s legacy? Who cares., Retrieved on 2016-12-29
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    29 DEC 2016

     Presidents Have Less Impact On Our Lives Than Those Aroun...

    Presidents are royalty and we measure our lives by their reigns, but their effect on the country in general is greatly exaggerated. Take me, for example. Mr. Lyndon Johnson’s Selective Service System more or less governed my 20s, and now that I’m old and shaky, his Medicare is very helpful, but for most of us, presidents are part of the scenery, like the great stone heads on Easter Island. Millions of words have been written about Richard Nixon but his effect on my life was minuscule comp...
    Folksonomies: politics priorities
    Folksonomies: politics priorities
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