Periodicals>Journal Article:  Lodge, R. Anthony (March 1991), Authority, prescriptivism abd the French standard language, Journal of French Language Studies, Volume 1 / Issue 01 / March 1991, pp 93-111, Cambridge University, Retrieved on 2015-04-01
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    01 APR 2015

     Evolution of French Prescriptivism

    Prescriptive attitudes to language seem to be more deeply engrained in France than in many other speech-communities. This article traces their development between the sixteenth century and the present day within the model of language standardization proposed by E. Haugen and in the light of the notion of ‘standard ideology’ proposed by J. and L. Milroy. It will be argued that early definitions of what was considered ‘the best French’ were based simply on the observed usage of ‘the b...
    Folksonomies: prescriptivism
    Folksonomies: prescriptivism
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    Sounds as though it has often been used for discrimination.