Personal Communications>Personal Letter:  Sagan , Carl (August 2, 1994), Memo to Ann Druyan, George Miller & Linda Obost concerning religious disquiet at prospect of contacting extraterrestrials, Retrieved on 2014-03-03
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    03 MAR 2014

     The Religious Disquiet Concerning Extraterrestrial Life

    These two articles reflect some religious disquiet at the prospect of contact with ETI. When faced with an alien civilization of enormous powers and the likelihood that they are not even approximately human, the differences that divide us on Earth are likely to seem increasingly trivial and irrelevant. At least for many people, Aere should be a real decline in ethnocentrism and xenophobia and a major upsurgence of an identification with the human species and the planet Earth. Warring tribes ...
    Folksonomies: science religion tribalism
    Folksonomies: science religion tribalism
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    Religious difference will seem trivial when faced with non-human intelligence.