Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Yeh, BS, Rochette, PhD, McKenzie, PhD, MA, Smith, MD, DrPH (February 17, 2011), Injuries Associated With Cribs, Playpens, and Bassinets Among Young Children in the US, 1990–2008, Pediatrics, Retrieved on 2011-02-17
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    17 FEB 2011

     10,000 Injuries to Infants a Year from Cribs, Playpens, a...

    An estimated 181 654 (95% confidence interval: 148 548–214 761) children younger than 2 years of age were treated in emergency departments in the United States for injuries related to cribs, playpens, and bassinets during the 19-year study period. There was an average of 9561 cases per year or an average of 12.1 injuries per 10 000 children younger than 2 years old per year. Most of the injuries involved cribs (83.2%), followed by playpens (12.6%) and bassinets (4.2%). The most common mecha...
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    Cribs accounted for of 10,000 injuries per year to infants.