Proceedings of Meetings and Symposia>Speech:  Feynmann, Richard (1965), Probability and Uncertainty - The Quantum Mechanical View of Nature, BBC, Retrieved on 2013-07-25
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    25 JUL 2013

     Nature is Intrinsically Probabilistic

    Here are the circumstances: source, strong light source; tell me, behind which hole will I see the electron? You say, 'Well, the reason you can't tell through which hole you're going to see the electron is, it's determined by some very complicated things back here: if I knew enough about that electron - it has internal wheels, internal gears, and so forth - and that this is what determines through which hole it goes. It's 50/50 probability because, like a die, it's set sort of at random - and...
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    The light as a particle/wave duality make it impossible to predict where an electron will emerge in an experiment.