Periodicals>Journal Article:  R. P., A., Jr., P. L., S. A. (1981), A million cubic megaparsec void in Bootes, Astrophysical Journal, Part 2 - Letters to the Editor, vol. 248, Sept. 1, 1981, p. L57-L60., Retrieved on 2012-07-06
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    06 JUL 2012

     The Bootes Void

    In the course of a redshift survey of galaxies brighter than R approximately equal to 16.3, 133 redshifts were measured in three fields, each separated by roughly 35 deg from the other two. If the galaxies in these fields were distributed uniformly, the combination of a galaxian luminosity function and the magnitude limits predicts that the distribution of redshifts should peak near 15,000 km/s. In fact, only one galaxy of the 133 was observed with a redshift in the 6000 km/s interval centere...
    Folksonomies: wonder astronomy
    Folksonomies: wonder astronomy
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    An inconceivably massive region of space extremely sparsely populated with galaxies, strangely spherical in shape.