17 JUN 2011 by ideonexus

 An 11th Century View of Science

The chief aids to philosophical inquiry and the practice of virtue are reading, learning, meditation, and assiduous application. Reading scrutinizes the written subject matter immediately before it. Learning likewise generally studies what is written, but also sometimes moves on to what is preserved in the archives of the memory and is not in the writing, or to those things that become evident when one understands the given subject. Meditation, however, reaches out farther to what is unknown,...
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Science is a prerequisite to virtue, requiring study, application, and meditation dependent on grammar.

31 MAY 2011 by ideonexus

 Aristotle's Attempt to Categorize Motion

11 Now everything that changes place is moved either by itself or by something else. In as many of these as are moved by themselves, it is obvious that the moved and mover are together, since the first mover is present in them, so that nothing is in-between. But as many as are moved by other things must come about in four ways, for there are four kinds of change of place by means of something else: pulling, pushing, carrying, and whirling. For all motions with respect to place lead back to th...
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His efforts to build a taxonomy of motion demonstrates the difficulty of properly classifying things as a foundation to building hypotheses.