31 AUG 2011 by ideonexus

 The Sciences the Miner Must Know

There are many arts and sciences of which a miner should not be ignorant. First there is Philosophy, that he may discern the origin, cause, and nature of subterranean things; for then he will be able to dig out the veins easily and advantageously, and to obtain more abundant results from his mining. Secondly there is Medicine, that he may be able to look after his diggers and other workman ... Thirdly follows astronomy, that he may know the divisions of the heavens and from them judge the dir...
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Philosophy, Medicine, Astronomy, Surveying, Arithemetic, Architecture, and Law

25 JUL 2011 by ideonexus

 Most Scientists are Not on the True Scientific Path

Now the true and lawful goal of the sciences is none other than this: that human life be endowed with new discoveries and powers. But of this the great majority have no feeling, but are merely hireling and professorial; except when it occasionally happens that some workman of acuter wit and covetous of honor applies himself to a new invention, which he mostly does at the expense of his fortunes. But in general, so far are men from proposing to themselves to augment the mass of arts and scienc...
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According to Bacon, the goal of science is to endow humanity with new discoveries and powers, but most scientists are focused on personal gain.