03 JAN 2011 by ideonexus

 Lurkers Are Not Part of the Community

Clearly, some things do not foster community. You do not need a real identity, but you need some identity. You need to have a voice, a reputation, a presence to be part of a community, because it is (at least) a two-way propositions. Thus "lurkers," people who only read or listen, are not really part of a community. They may fancy themselves to be, but no one would miss them if they left. They are fans, not friends. Lurkers may latch on to a culture, but they do not contribute to it. (That's ...
Folksonomies: memetics community
Folksonomies: memetics community
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Lurkers are fans, they are not participants; however, they could become participants if the system encourages it, like how Slashdot does with their comment rating system.