06 JUN 2012 by ideonexus

 Language is All About Classification

Man is a classifying animal: in one sense it may be said that the whole process of speaking is nothing but distributing phenomena, of which no two are alike in every respect, into different classes on the strength of perceived similarities and dissimilarities. In the name-giving process we witness the same ineradicable and very useful tendency to see likenesses and to express similarity in the phenomena through similarity in name.
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It follows that the more words a person learns, the more refined their ability to classify phenomena and objects.

19 APR 2011 by ideonexus

 Science is About Finding Likeness

All science, is the searchjnr njQJty in hidden likenesses. The search may be on a grand scale, as in the modern theories which try to link the fields of gravitation and electromagnetism. But we do not need to be browbeaten by the scale of science. There are discoveries to be made by snatching a small likeness from the air too, if it is bold enough. In ^935 the Japanese physicist Hideki Yukawa wrote a paper which can still give heart to a young scientist. He took as his starting point the know...
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The art of science is finding the common bond between phenomena.