11 APR 2011 by ideonexus

 Cybernetics as a Trait of Living Organisms

One of the most characteristic properties of all living organisims, from the smallest to the largest, is their capacity to develop, operate, and maintain systems which set a goal and then strive to achieve it through the cybernetic process of trial and error. The discovery of such a system, operating on a global scale and having as its goal the establishment and maintenance of optimum physical and chemical conditions of life, would surely provide us with convincing evidence of Gaia's existenc...
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The feedback look, sensation and response to it, are a crucial characteristic of living beings. We feel that cold is a punishment, prompting us to find warmth, while learning skills involve feedback loops of rewarding.

06 APR 2011 by ideonexus

 Newspapers, Unlike New Media, Can be Put Down

The intellectual shortcomings of past and present newspapers are, however, beside the point, because the real difference between today's video and yesterday's print is not content but context--a context in which the proliferating visual images and noises of the video/digital age permeate the minute-by-minute experience of our lives. Newspaper reading was a habit that accompanied the beginning or ending of each workday for millions; it did not constitute a continuous invasion of individual tho...
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New media intrudes on us perpetually, with RSS feeds, television streaming, and music blaring. Newspapers and books are picked up in compartmentalized time, making them less intrusive and allowing us deeper engagement with them.