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Folksonomies: consciousness freewill
Folksonomies: consciousness freewill

a field that exist in it’s own parallel realm of existence outside reality so can’t be seen - substance dualism

consciousness and it’s states are functions the brain performs - functionalism

a physical property of matter like electromagnetism , just not one we know about -property dualism

all matter has a psychic part , consciousness is just the psychic part of brain -pan psychism

mental states are physical events that we can see in brain scans -identity theory

a sensation that grows inevitably out of complicated mental states - emergent dualism

literally just behaviour ,when we behave in certain way we appear conscious -behaviourism

an accidental side effect of complex physical processes in brain -epiphenomenalism

quantum physics over classical physics can better explain it -quantum consciousness

the sensation of your most significant thoughts being highlighted - cognivitism

consciousness is higher order of thoughts ,thought about other thoughts - higher order theory

a continuous stream of ever recurring phenomena ,pinched like eddies into isolated minds -buddhism

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 The Limits of Language

The ultimate origin of the difficulty lies in the fact (or philosophical principle) that we are compelled to use the words of common language when we wish to describe a phenomenon, not by logical or mathematical analysis, but by a picture appealing to the imagination. Common language has grown by everyday experience and can never surpass these limits. Classical physics has restricted itself to the use of concepts of this kind; by analysing visible motions it has developed two ways of represen...
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Language grows out of experience, but we have not experienced the alien phenomena of much of physics.