08 APR 2013 by ideonexus

 Science Can Keep You Alive is Magic Fails

Harry thought, considered, chose his weapon. "Draco, you want to explain the whole blood purity thing to me? I'm sort of new." A wide smile crossed Draco's face. "You really should meet Father and ask him, you know, he's our leader." "Give me the thirty-second version." "Okay," Draco said. He drew in a deep breath, and his voice grew slightly lower, and took on a cadence. "Our powers have grown weaker, generation by generation, as the mudblood taint increases. Where Salazar and Godric and Ro...
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Rational Harry Potter explains to Draco the error in his thinking that muggles are thinning out the magic in the world and making it weaker.

27 AUG 2012 by ideonexus

 On the Importance of Bacon

The most singular, as well as the most excellent, of all his works, is that which is now the least read, and which is at the same time the most useful; I mean his "Novum Scientiarum Organum." This is the scaffold by means of which the edifice of the new philosophy has been reared; so that when the building was completed, the scaffold was no longer of any use. Chancellor Bacon was still unacquainted with nature, but he perfectly knew, and pointed out extraordinarily well, all the paths which...
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Barbarism discovered many useful inventions by accident, but Francis Bacon discovered natural philosophy according to Voltaire.

05 JUN 2012 by ideonexus

 Science Goals VS Society Goals

To this day, we see all around us the Promethean drive to omnipotence through technology and to omniscience through science. The effecting of all things possible and the knowledge of all causes are the respective primary imperatives of technology and of science. But the motivating imperative of society continues to be the very different one of its physical and spiritual survival. It is now far less obvious than it was in Francis Bacon's world how to bring the three imperatives into harmony, a...
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Science seeks omniscience, while society seeks survival and spiritualism.