A Naturalist's Code

Of course, naturalists’ activities themselves can go astray or fail to provide their full benefits. Rachel Carson warned that “it is possible to compile extensive lists of creatures seen and identified without ever once having caught a breathtaking glimpse of the wonder of life.”22 A concern to have the newest, fanciest gear has taken many a birdwatcher away from simplicity and frugality! As with hunting’s “sportsman’s code,” a “naturalist’s code” might help prevent these failures and perversions. Official birders’ codes of conduct typically include restraints on badgering wildlife and trespassing on private lands. They don’t yet condemn wasting money on unnecessary gear or driving hundreds of miles for a quick glimpse of a “life bird.” Perhaps they should. Birdwatchers know better than most the toll that excessive energy consumption takes on wildlife. By building temperance and restraint into their own codes of conduct they could further the values they believe in and act with greater integrity.


Would include rules about being reasonable and not spending a lot of money on fancy equipment.

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 The Naturalist’s Virtues
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