Tides Created the Moon

There were tides in the new earth, long before there was an ocean. In response to the pull of the sun the molten liquids of the earth's whole surface rose in tides that rolled unhindered around the globe and only gradually slackened and diminished as the earthly shell cooled, congealed and hardened. Those who believe that the moon is a child of earth say that during an early stage of teh earth's development something happened that caused this rolling, viscid tide to gather speed and momentum and to rise to unimaginable heights. Apparently the force that created these greatest tides the earth has ever known was the force of resonance, for at this time the period of the solar tides had coem to approach, then equal, the period of free oscillation of the liquid earth. And so every sun tide was given increased momentum by the push of the earth's oscillation, and each of the twice-daily tides was larger than the one before it. Physicists have calculated that, after 500 years of such monstrous, steadily increasing tides, those on the side toward the sun became too high for stability, and a great wave was torn away and hurled into space. But immediately, of course, the newly created satellite became subject to physical laws that sent it spinning in an orbit of its own about the earth.


In 1951, the predominant theory on the origin of the moon was that tidal forces on a molten Earth swung a chunk of it off into orbit.

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 The Sea Around Us
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Carson, Rachel L. (1951), The Sea Around Us, Oxford University Press, New York, Retrieved on 2010-11-30
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08 JUL 2011

 Examples of Science Being Wrong

Important memes for understanding how we need to be humble about our supposed empirical certainty and always question the obvious. TODO: Add a meme about the Tranquility Drug being used on laboring mothers.