Earthseed 61-65

61. What others say

All too often,
We say
What we hear others say.
We think
What we’re told that we think.
We see
What we’re permitted to see.
We see what we’re told that we see.
Repetition and pride are the keys to this.
To hear and to see
Even an obvious lie
And again and again
May be to say it,
Almost by reflex
Then to defend it
Because we’ve said it
And at last to embrace it
Because we’ve defended it
And because we cannot admit
That we’ve embraced and defended
An obvious lie. …
Thus, without thought,
Without intent,
We make
Mere echoes
Of ourselves—
And we say
What we hear others say.

∞ = Δ

62. Rewards

All religions are ultimately cargo cults.
Adherents perform required rituals, follow
specific rules, and expect to be supernaturally
gifted with desired rewards—long life,
honor, wisdom, children, good health, wealth,
victory over opponents, immortality after
death, any desired rewards.
Earthseed offers its own rewards—room
for small groups of people to begin new lives
and new ways of life with new opportunities, new
wealth, new concepts of wealth, new challenges to
grow and to learn and to decide what to become.
Earthseed is the dawning adulthood
of the human species. It offers the only
true immortality. It enables the seeds of the
Earth to become the seeds of new life, new
communities on new earths. The Destiny of
Earthseed is to take root among the stars, and
there, again, to grow, to learn, and to fly.

∞ = Δ

63. Only actions

Are you Earthseed?
Do you believe?
Belief will not save you.
Only actions
Guided and shaped
By belief and knowledge
Will save you.
Initiates and guides action—
Or it does nothing.

∞ = Δ

64. The Past

To survive,
Let the past
Teach you—
Past customs,
Leaders and thinkers.
Help you.
Let them inspire you,
Warn you,
Give you strength.
But beware:
God is Change.
Past is past.
What was
Come again.

To survive,
Know the past.
Let it touch you.
Then let
The past

∞ = Δ

65. Nature

There is nothing alien
About nature.
Is all that exists.
It’s the earth
And all that’s on it.
It’s the universe
And all that’s in it.
It’s God,
Never at rest.
It’s you,
Struggling upstream
Or drifting down.

∞ = Δ


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 Parable of the Sower (Earthseed, #1)
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