Printed Book Readers are Hermits Avoiding the Global Village

The printed, bound and paid-for book was — still is, for the moment — more exacting, more demanding, of its producer and consumer both. It is the site of an encounter, in silence, of two minds, one following in the other's steps but invited to imagine, to argue, to concur on a level of reflection beyond that of personal encounter, with all its merely social conventions, its merciful padding of blather and mutual forgiveness. Book readers and writers are approaching the condition of holdouts, surly hermits who refuse to come out and play in the electronic sunshine of the post-Gutenberg village.


Updike's response to Kevin Kelly's article on digitizing library's in the New York Times.

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 The End of Authorship
Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Updike, John (June 25, 2006), The End of Authorship, New York Times, Retrieved on 2011-04-06
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