Seeing Dyson Civilizations

In summary, the circumstellar shells of Dyson civilizations-at temperatures ~300 degrees K and radii ~1 a.u.--can be detected with existing telescopes and state-of-the-art infrared detectors in the 8-13-u window out to distances of several hundred parsecs. But discrimination of Dyson civilizations from naturally occurring low-temperature objects is very difficult, unless Dyson civilizations have some further distinguishing feature, such as monochromatic radio-frequency emission.


How difficult would it be to detect their heat signature?

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 The Infrared Detectability of Dyson Civilizations
Periodicals>Journal Article:  Sagan , Carl and Walker, Russell G. (August 27, 1965), The Infrared Detectability of Dyson Civilizations, American Astronomical Society, Retrieved on 2014-03-16
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     Dyson Spheres and Their Detection

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