Chinese Character for Star

生 - to be born

日 - Sun

星 = 日  

水星 - Mercury (Water Star)

金星 - Venus (Gold Star)

星 - Mars (Fire Star)

木星 - Jupiter (Wood Star)

土星 - Saturn (Earth Star)

海王星 - Neptune (Sea King Star)

天王星 - Uranus (King Star)

冥王星 - Pluto (Deep King Star)

厄里斯 - Eris (Adversity ?????)


Chinese character for star is "sun to be born" indicating a more sophisticated understanding of astronomy than the West.

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Star Chinese character (0.915255 (neutral:0.000000)), (Deep King Star) (0.855601 (neutral:0.000000)), (Sea King Star) (0.850624 (neutral:0.000000)), King Star (0.836632 (neutral:0.000000)), sophisticated understanding (0.607098 (positive:0.334105)), Water Star (0.442406 (negative:-0.236824)), Gold Star (0.433966 (positive:0.224904)), Star) (0.416672 (neutral:0.000000))


30 DEC 2011

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