Humans are "Tool Complexes"

Humans are tool complexes—hands for certain tasks, feet, ears, teeth. etc., for others. Using their human tool complexes, human minds, comprebending variable interrelationship principles, invent detached-from-self tools—the bucket can lift out more water from the well than can a pair of cupped human hands—that are more special-case-effective but not used as frequently as their organically integral tools. Humans invent craft tools and industrial tools. The latter are all the tools that cannot be invented d or opcrated by one human. The first industrial tool was the spoken word. With words humans compounded their experience-won knowledge. (Most indus¬ trial tools are driven by inanimate energy rather than by human muscle.)

Dwellings are environment-controlling machines. So are automobiles. Automobiles are little part-time dwellings on wheels. Both autos and dwell¬ ings are complex tools. Both autos and dwellings are component tools with¬ in the far vaster tool complex of world-embracing industrialization. I use the word industrialization to include all intercoordinate humanity, all its artifacts, its evolving omni-interfunctioning and omni-integrating, omni-lifesupport-producing capability.


Similar to a memeplex body of knowledge or a biological complex of living things.

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 Critical Path
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Fuller , R. Buckminster (1981), Critical Path, St. Martin's Griffin, Retrieved on 2013-03-16
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    21 MAR 2013

     The Human Relationship to Their Tools

    Humans are "Tool Complexes" > Comparison > Tools Forever Changed Man's Relationship to Nature
    Two thoughts on humans and the way we extend ourselves with our creations.