The Finality of Death Makes Life Even More Precious

Many people—including, presumably, most of those reading this book—believe that death is probably the final end of all personal experience and do not expect to continue their existence in some other life or other world. In this view, it is precisely the fact that our lives are limited that makes them precious. How we choose to use our time is all the more important when we know that we won’t have the opportunity to do everything. The fact that we can lose the ones we love makes it urgent for us to resolve our quarrels, forgive our injuries, be as thoughtful and kind as we can, and be sure to let those we love know about it. If we were immortal, it would not matter if we chose to spend our time being bored, cranky, or spiteful; as it is, we don’t have time to waste our lives with such unproductive and unpleasant attitudes.


The atheist perspective.

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 Dealing with Death in the Secular Family
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book Chapter:  Gibbons, Rev. Dr. Kendyl (2007), Dealing with Death in the Secular Family, Retrieved on 2012-03-28
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