Los Angeles's Air Quality Regulations

Los Angeles air quality has improved in recent years because of new regulations on automobile and plant emissions, but the American Lung Association still ranks the Los Angeles area as the metropolitan region in America most polluted by year-round particles, short-term particles, and ozone. This persistent ranking contrasts with other data on Los Angeles's environmental progress. For example, the number of "exceedance" days in the Los Angeles / Long Beach area of southern California (days that ozone exceeded the acceptable levels) in a recent three-year period (1997-1999) fell to an average of 23 days from a total of 154 days in the 1980-1982 period. This is a significant decline, and new technology can take most of the credit for this change. For example, it is estimated that it would take twenty of today's new cars to generate the equivalent air pollution generated by just one mid-1960s car. Los Angeles is an interesting case for another reason: Its local government is seeking greater federal regulation than is currently mandated by federal policies. The disagreement centers on emissions generated by certain mobile sources, for example, locomotives, cargo ships, and airplanes that are not under the control of the South Coast Air Quality Management District. The struggle to determine the appropriate level and source of regulation is debated regularly in California.


California requests additional federal regulations because its cities have unhealthy levels of ozone, which are poisoning its citizens.

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