Pump CO2 into Greenhouses

In the Ne± Netherlands, a unique partnership between Shell Oil Company and Dutch greenhouse businesses enables surplus carbon dioxide produced at the Shell refinery in Pernis, outside Rotterdam, to be pumped into greenhouses as an alternative to pumping it directly into the atmosphere as waste. The partnership was made possible because of an existing pipeline (built a decade ago but never used) activated to pump gas from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. Dutch entrepreneurs bought the pipeline from the government and then modified it for the distribution of carbon dioxide. The anticipated results are quite remarkable. Ninety-five million cubic meters of natural gas will be saved by the fruit, vegetable, and flower growers, and carbon dioxide emissions at the Shell plant will be reduced by 170,000 tons.


An unique collaboration between an oil company and fruit growers benefits both.

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 A contract with the Earth
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Gingrich , Newt and Maple , Terry (2007-09-24), A contract with the Earth, Johns Hopkins Univ Pr, Retrieved on 2012-03-22
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