The Decline of the Horse

There was a type of employee at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution whose job and livelihood largely vanished in the early twentieth century. This was the horse. The population of working horses actually peaked in England long after the Industrial Revolution, in 1901, when 3.25 million were at work. Though they had been replaced by rail for long-distance haulage and by steam engines for driving machinery, they still plowed fields, hauled wagons and carriages short distances, pulled boats on the canals, toiled in the pits, and carried armies into battle. But the arrival of the internal combustion engine in the late nineteenth century rapidly displaced these workers, so that by 1924 there were fewer than two million. There was always a wage at which all these horses could have remained employed. But that wage was so low that it did not pay for their feed.


How cars replacing horses reduces their populations.

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 A Farewell to Alms
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Clark , Gregory (2008-12-29), A Farewell to Alms, Princeton Univ Pr, Retrieved on 2012-01-04
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    25 MAR 2013

     Automating Ourselves Out of Employment

    As we automate people out of work, how will will deal with the unemployment? The science fiction utopia of a post-scarcity society can't work in a Capitalist system. How will we deal with the fact that fewer and fewer monopolists will control all the resources and have less and less need for employees? Alternative Titles: The Post-Scarcity Distopia
    Folksonomies: employment automation
    Folksonomies: employment automation