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    28 JAN 2012

     The Earth is Not the Center of the Universe

    To a body of infinite size there can be ascribed neither center nor boundary ... Just as we regard ourselves as at the center of that universally equidistant circle, which is the great horizon and the limit of our own encircling ethereal region, so doubtless the inhabitants of the moon believe themselves to be at the center (of a great horizon) that embraces this earth, the sun, and the stars, and is the boundary of the radii of their own horizon. Thus the earth no more than any other world i...
    Folksonomies: religion heresy theology
    Folksonomies: religion heresy theology
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    Giordano Bruno's logical argument that the earth cannot be the center of the Universe, because the universe is infinite in size and something infinite has not center. He would be executed by the church for this heresy.