Periodicals>Journal Article:  Frey, Carl Benedikt and Osborne, Michael A. (September 17, 2013), The Future of Employment: How Susceptible are Jobs to Computerization, Retrieved on 2017-03-10
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    10 MAR 2017

     Creative and Social Intelligence are Computational Bottle...

    Our model predicts that the second wave of computerisation will mainly depend on overcoming the engineering bottlenecks related to creative and social intelligence. As reported in Table III, the “fine arts”, “originality”, “negotiation”, “persuasion”, “social perceptiveness”, and “assisting and caring for others”, variables, all exhibit relatively high values in the low risk category. By contrast, we note that the “manual dexterity”, “finger dexterity” and “c...
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    Generalist skills, like management, are hard to automate. Could everyone therefore become a manager of an automatized field?