Periodicals>Journal Article:  Wade, Lizzie (August 2015), Birth of the moralizing gods, Science, Vol. 349 no. 6251 pp. 918-922 , Retrieved on 2015-11-09
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    09 NOV 2015

     The Big Gods Hypothesis

    ...without supernatural enforcement of cooperative, “moral” behavior, ancient Egypt—as well as nearly every other large-scale society in history—wouldn't have been able to get off the ground. All-knowing big gods are “crazily effective” at enforcing social norms, says Norenzayan's collaborator Edward Slingerland, a historian at UBC Vancouver. “Not only can they see you everywhere you are, but they can actually look inside your mind.” And once big gods and big societies existed...
    Folksonomies: civilization theology
    Folksonomies: civilization theology
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