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    17 APR 2013

     Life in a Nebula Evolves to Maneuver into It

    "Tell me what happened!" "The tree came apart. "Why?" "Maybe the fire set it off, but it was ready. Clave, everythiiing in the Smoke Ring has some way of getting around. Some way to stay near the median... middle, where there's warater and air. Where do you think jet pods come from?" The hanand relaxed a little, and the Grad kept talking. "It's a plant's way of gettmg around. If a plant wanders out of the median, t too far into the gas torus region--" "The what?" Alfin asked, "What o...
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    The integral tree has just broken in half, and the scientist explains this is a survival mechanism because it was moving to far out of the nebula to survive.